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Fran Tobin and Kathy Powers speak to NBC Channel 5 on bad conditions and disrespect facing human services consumers and workers.

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Chicago voters overwhelmingly vote Yes for an Elected, Representative School Board in advisory referendum:

Northside Ward Results:
40th Ward - 86.94% YES
46th Ward - 83.21% YES
47th Ward - 84.04% YES
49th Ward - 87.03% YES
50th Ward - 83.87% YES

The referendum was on the ballot in 37 wards throughout the city, garnering 87% of the vote citywide. Every single ward approved the Elected School Board referendum with at least 82% of the vote.

NA4J put the referendum question on the ballot in the 46th and 49th wards. We congratulate all of our members who worked hard to gather the signatures and turn out the vote for the Elected School Board referendum.

We need to put the Elected School Board issue at the forefront of the April 7th mayoral and aldermanic runoff elections. Meanwhile, we will continue to push our state legislators to move towards establishing an elected, representative school board.

Elected School Board Referendum Wins by Landslide in 37 Wards - Elected Board Now

Chicago REALLY Wants an Elected School Board, Ballot Results Show - DNAInfo Chicago


No Cuts!  Fight Back!

Together we can win!  Join us March 6!

On Friday, March 6, we have the chance to speak truth to power.  Several state legislators have agreed to hear from us as to how proposed cuts affect us and how we can save and improve human services.

One proposal for a progressive revenue source that actually helps the real economy is a sales tax on "LaSalle Street" financial transactions.  Support for such a tax is growing across our state, the nation and even all across Europe. Click here to endorse this proposal for Illinois, HB106, introduced by State Rep Mary Flowers.  It not only generates Billions of dollars of needed revenue, it discourages the kind of swaps, flash trades and derivatives speculation that caused the financial meltdown of 2008.

Restoring the income tax rate, a tax on millionaires, and closing corporate tax loopholes are other mechanisms deserving support.

Click here for the flyer of the Alliance Town Hall on Friday, March 6

Speak out to save medicaid, human services and the public good!
6-8pm, 4350 W. 16th St

Town Hall endorsers include:

ADAPT, Ashunti Community Resource Center, South Austin Coalition Community Council,
Northside Action for Justice, AFSCME Local 2858, IMPRUVE, AFSCME 2806, BENICEH,
AFSCME Local 2808, Chicago Teachers Union


NA4J Holiday Party 2014!


Thank you to everyone that attended our Annual Awards Dinner!

In case you missed it, please consider making a donation to support Northside Action for Justice. Thank you!

We are excited to announce that we are initiating a unique housing program called the Tenant Housing Resource Action Team (THREAT). This campaign will educate, inform, and support tenants who are struggling to live in affordable housing with decent conditions. THREAT will provide intake hours for tenants to gain information on their rights and what they can do. Additionally, THREAT will identify buildings that are in danger of being shut down or “flipped” and will work with tenants who are ready to organize their neighbors.
Contact us at if you are interested in volunteering.

Elce Redmond hired as NA4J Housing Organizer
We are pleased to announce that NA4J has hired Elce Redmond as our housing organizer. Elce brings nearly 30 years of grassroots organizing experience to this position, specializing in organizing low- and moderate-income people to fight for fair housing and living wage jobs. Meet Elce at the membership meeting on Saturday.

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