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Intake hours are currently 2:30-5:00pm on Mondays and 10am-12pm on Saturdays at the NA4J Office, 1020 W Bryn Mawr, #208.

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Fran Tobin and Kathy Powers speak to NBC Channel 5 on bad conditions and disrespect facing human services consumers and workers.

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Support Our Neighborhood Public Schools

NA4J joined parents, students, teachers, LSC members, area principals, and many of our local elected officials in opposing the relocation of a Noble Network Charter School to Uptown and opening a new high school in Rogers Park. As a result of our efforts, we successfully forced Noble to withdraw their proposals.

Current Uplift High School student Marques Strong transferred from a Noble school after being unfairly labeled as a 'discipline problem,' according to the Chicago Sun-Times. "If you open up this charter school, it will hurt Uplift students," he said. "It will hurt enrollment and resources." Uplift High School serves as a model for a rigorous, socially just neighborhood high school, and the Board of Education has ignored Uplift's quest to become the neighborhood high school for Uptown.

NA4J Board Member and Uplift H.S. Teacher Karen Zaccor presented this eloquent testimony at a CPS Hearing on whether to allow Noble to move into Uptown.

We know that there will be more fights in the future. A campaign is gearing up to oppose Intrinsic from opening a new campus on part of Rosehill Cemetary, which will also negatively impact our neighborhood public schools.



NA4J and the Alliance for Community Services are circulating a petition to stop these disastrous and inhumane cuts to human services. Please sign and circulate so we can tell Governor Rauner and our state legislators to stop the chop and fund decent, robust human services for all!

Download here

To review, here are some proposed cuts:

Impacts on senior citizens

·         $140 million in cuts, capping income eligibility and raising the Determination of Need Score (DON) from 29 to 37.

·         During the course of a year over 36,000 senior citizens will lose the services that allow them to live independently. Also, over 10,000 persons with disabilities would lose all services.

·         Because admission to nursing homes and institutions use the same DON score for admittance eligibility, displaced people won't be able to move to nursing homes or other institutional settings.

·         There appear to be no other options available for these 36,000+ individuals

Impacts on youth and families

·         The budget proposal eliminates youth programming, after-school programming, violence prevention, substance abuse prevention, youth homeless services, Boys and Girls Clubs, After School Matters, youth summer employment and other programs designed to provide safety and security for youth and young adults.

·         Childcare is cut by $135 million by eliminating any services for children over 6 years old. Parents will now have to choose whether to leave their children 7 and older home alone during work days if the parents work to support the family.

·         Respite services for 1,840 families with developmentally disabled or delayed children will be eliminated.

·         All statewide services and supports for families with Autism will be eliminated.

·         State support for Easter Seals and Epilepsy Foundation and their statewide community-based service networks will be eliminated.

·         Early Intervention Programs will be drastically altered by raising the threshold for EI to a developmental delay of 50%.

·         Elimination of services to immigrants and refugees such as Welcoming Centers and Immigrant Integration Services

Impacts on Healthcare

·         71% cuts to the Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program

·         23% cuts to the AIDS Drug Assistance Program

·         $400 million in cuts to hospitals

·         $335 million in additional cuts to safety net and critical access hospitals serving high Medicaid volumes

·         Elimination of adult dental and podiatry services which were just restored after severe negative consequences for both patients and providers

·         Severe rate reductions to children's ventilator service and children's mental health services

·         Mental Health cuts of $82 million, Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention cut by $27 million and Developmental Disability funding cut $62 million.

·         Severe cuts to all services (including dialysis) for persons with Renal Disease which threaten the viability of kidney dialysis service statewide.

·         Reinstatement of prior authorization for prescriptions for persons with severe mental illness

·         Elimination of Supportive Housing funds and Specialized Mental Health Rehabilitation Facilities. Substantial cuts to Supportive Living Facilities

·         Elimination of the Alzheimer's Program and Poison Control Centers


Chicago voters overwhelmingly vote Yes for an Elected, Representative School Board in advisory referendum:

Northside Ward Results:
40th Ward - 86.94% YES
46th Ward - 83.21% YES
47th Ward - 84.04% YES
49th Ward - 87.03% YES
50th Ward - 83.87% YES

The referendum was on the ballot in 37 wards throughout the city, garnering 87% of the vote citywide. Every single ward approved the Elected School Board referendum with at least 82% of the vote.

NA4J put the referendum question on the ballot in the 46th and 49th wards. We congratulate all of our members who worked hard to gather the signatures and turn out the vote for the Elected School Board referendum.

We need to put the Elected School Board issue at the forefront of the April 7th mayoral and aldermanic runoff elections. Meanwhile, we will continue to push our state legislators to move towards establishing an elected, representative school board.

Elected School Board Referendum Wins by Landslide in 37 Wards - Elected Board Now

Chicago REALLY Wants an Elected School Board, Ballot Results Show - DNAInfo Chicago


The goal of THREAT is to educate, inform, and support tenants who are struggling to live in affordable housing with decent conditions. THREAT will provide intake hours for tenants to gain information on their rights and what they can do. Additionally, THREAT will identify buildings that are in danger of being shut down or “flipped” and will work with tenants who are ready to organize their neighbors.

Intake hours are currently 2:30-5:00pm on Mondays and 10am-12pm on Saturdays at the NA4J Office, 1020 W Bryn Mawr, #208.
Have an issue in your building? Contact Elce Redmond, NA4J Housing Organizer, at (312) 219-9404(312) 219-9404 or info@actionforjustice.org for more information.

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