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  LSC Elections are on Monday, April 7 at all Elementary Schools  
  (April 8 for High Schools). Polls are open from 6:00am - 7:00pm

  Bring two pieces of ID, one with current address. Anyone 18 or
  older may vote; you do not have to be a citizen or registered to

   Support the LSCs United for Community Power Slate!

   Brennemann Parent Rep Candidates - Regina Jones and Meriem Ousman
   Brennemann Community Rep Candidates - Kelate Gaim and Mike Mensah
   Courtenay Parent Rep Candidate - April Hearns
   Courtenay Community Rep Candidate - Anton Miglietta
   Field Community Rep Candidates - Kesh Tiara Ross and Art Strobeck

   LSCs United for Community Power Slate:
   LSCs play an important role in public school improvement, and the United for Community Power  
   Slate is pledging to fight for:
  • Democracy in our schools
  • Full funding for public education
  • Early childhood education for all
  • More teaching less testing
  • Community-based school transformation to improve our schools
  • Increase parent and community power in our schools
  • Implement restorative justice programs to stop the school to prison pipeline and provide social and emotional support for children
  • High quality curriculum
  • No more charter and military school expansion
  • Arts, music, physical education, and quality after school programs for all

It takes a team to make real change! Vote for the United for Community Power Slate on Monday, April 7th. Boundaries for Brennemann are approximately Irving Park to Lawrence, Broadway to the Lake. Courtenay is Broadway to Clark, Montrose to Lawrence. Field is Farwell to Chase, Ravenswood to the Lake (exact boundaries may vary).

Not sure where to vote? Use the CPS School Locator to find your neighborhood schools. Or contact us and we'll help you find your school.

Want to help get out the vote? We need volunteers to help call our members, pass out flyers on Monday at schools, and give rides to the polls. We may also need pollwatchers.

Call Marc Kaplan at 773-407-2001 or email for more details


Thank you to everyone who attended our Human Services Forum on Friday, February 21
Progress Illinois: "Chicago-Area Residents Urge State Lawmakers to Address Social Service 'Crisis' in Illinois.

DNAInfo: $14 Million TIF for Uptown Luxury Housing Draws Committee OK, Protests

Progress Illinois: Debate Over Luxury Housing Development in Uptown Rages On


Thank you to everyone who made the 2013 Tobey Prinz-Dovie Thurman Awards Dinner a Success!

It's not too late to donate! We are almost
at our goal of raising $5,000 for NA4J.
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  Jitu Brown accepting the          Maryon Banks (center), with Kelate Gaim    Cook County Commissioner
    "Everyday Hero" Award for          and Virginia Hester, accepting the                 Jesus 'Chuy' Garcia giving
     his work on education               "Everyday Hero" Award for her work on          the keynote address
     justice and human rights           building affordable communities.

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